Langkawi International Mountain Bike Challengge 2010

It doesn't matter if you're an avid mountain biker or a closet extreme sports junkie, the Langkawi International Mountain Bike Challenge 2010 is just the pick-me-upper that you've been looking for.
The advent of Langkawi International Mountain Bike Challenge 2010 births a new chapter for cycling as a sport in the legendary island of Langkawi, Malaysia. This inaugural event, under the patronage of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad, aims to be the nexus of cycling and environmental stewardship within serene green Langkawi.
Look out corporate and weekend warriors because we're gonna morph you into Eco Warriors through the lens of adventure. With tracks to cater to leisure cycling as well.
So what are you waiting for? You're just a few clicks away from your next mountain bike challenge.

Type of Events
i. Olympic Cross Country (1 lap = 4.3km) 2 hours

i. Junior Men (18 years below or born 1992 above)

ii. Elite Men (19 years above or born 1991 below)

iii. Elite Women (19 years above or born 1991 below)

iv. Masters Men (35 years above or born 1975 below)

ii. Marathon Cross Country (Endurance) (1 lap = 8.5km) 6 hours

v. Open

Events Detail

THURSDAY Aug 5th Team Arrival

FRIDAY Aug 6th Team Managers' Meeting

SATURDAY Aug 7th 0900hrs - 1045hrs

Elite Women FINAL (1Hr 45Min)

0900hrs - 1045hrs

Junior Men FINAL (1Hr 45Min)

1100hrs - 1300hrs

Elite Men FINAL (2Hrs)

1100hrs - 12.45hrs

Men Masters (1Hr 45Min)

1320hrs -

Awarding Ceremony

Venue: Kampung Tok Senik

SUNDAY Aug 8th 0900hrs - 1500hrs

Open (6Hrs)

1530hrs -

Awarding Ceremony

Venue: Telaga Harbour

NOTE : Profile of both venue is located in the appendix.

Entry Fees
Overseas Participation - 30USD (US Dollars)

Local Participation - RM30 (Malaysian Ringgit)

*Please note that the registration fee is a one-time payment that allows you to participate in both events.

Registration of entries can be made through the website or you can download the PDF form, complete the details and fax it back to us together with the bank-in slip as proof of payment.The transponder fee should be made during the distribution of body and frame numbers.
A deposit of RM50 will be charged for the bike transponder, payable during the race number collection. The deposit will be refunded to you once you return the transponder in its original condition after the race

Rules & Regulations


1.1 You may ONLY use 26" or 29" wheeled mountain bikes (you must start and complete the entire race with your entire bike).

1.2 You may ride, push or carry your bike the entire course, but are not allowed to block a fellow competitor.

1.3 No cyclo-cross bikes, touring bikes or road bikes allowed.

1.4 Helmets are compulsory.

1.5 Shoes or footwear covering the entire foot are compulsory and must be worn throughout the entire race.

1.6 The prepared racing number plates are to be used in the front of the bikes. Number plates are to be secured to the bike with the provided zip ties, you may ALSO use any other form of attachment.

1.7 Bending, cutting or modifying of prepared number plates is strictly not allowed. No replacement will be made available. This practice will result in immediate disqualification without enquiry.

1.8 All cloth race number tags will need to be placed on the lower back of your jersey and right thigh.

1.9 Any width-sized tyres may be used. Competitors may use semi slick tyres but NO road slick tyres.

1.10 All competitors are to be responsible for any of your own mechanical breakdowns or issues arising on the trail/track, i.e. flat tire, broken chain, broken seat-post, etc.

1.11 To be eligible FOR prize money, you MUST FINISH the designated amount of laps.

1.12 Rules will be applied but due discretion will also be exercised on a case to case basis.


2.1 You may NOT seek any form of external mechanical assistance from your team management or supporters outside the race.

2.2 Mechanical assistance can be provided by your team management only at the designated feed zone. All repairs need to be done by the riders themselves. Physical assistance to the riders is STRICTLY prohibited.

2.3 Failure to finish the race either by mechanical or injury will render the competitor a 'Did Not Finish' (DNF) Status.

2.4 There will be a designated feed zone, team management or team personnel may hand out water, refreshments or assistance to riders in this designated feed zone.

2.5 Team management or personnel are NOT allowed to run alongside competitors or block other competitors from receiving aid.

2.6 Handing out of aid or mechanical assistance must be static.

2.7 Competitors may receive verbal mechanical assistance but NO physical mechanical assistance, i.e. changing of punctured tire will need to be done by the rider involved, spares provided for by team management.


3.1 To win the prize money you MUST FINISH the designated amount of laps.


4.1 In the event of a protest, complains MUST be filed officially in writing, at the race secretariat within 10 minutes of crossing the line, accompanied with a RM500.00 deposit. No verbal protest will be entertained.

4.2 Your deposit will be returned if your protest is successful.

4.3 The deposit will be forfeited if your protest is unsuccessful.

4.4 Protests forms are available at the race secretariat.

4.5 A decision will be made within 30 minutes of filing of the protest. Race management's decision is FINAL.

4.6 Rules will be applied but due discretion will also be exercised on a case to case basis.

5.0 VISA

5.1 The organiser will not be responsible for the application of visa for teams and individuals to Malaysia. In the event that you need the organiser's help for a letter of assurance, please notify us in advance.


6.1 Riders or cyclist are advised to have their own Insurance. In the event that you require one to cover yourself, our Malaysian National Cycling Federation are able to issue a licence that has insurance coverage at a cost of RM30.00 for the duration of the race.


7.1 The licence control and distribution of frame and body numbers shall take place on August 6th, 2010 from 10.00am to 12.00 noon at the race Secretariat Office.

8.0 CONDUCT OF RIDERS (Rider's Behaviour During The Race)

8.1 As stipulated in the UCI MTB Regulations,

Article : 4.1.034 (iii) A rider must act in a sporting manner at all times and SHALL NOT obstruct faster riders from overtaking.

Article : 4.1.036 of UCI MTB Regulations state that the riders must respect nature and shall not pollute the course venue.


9.1 Article 4.2.033 stipulate that only the coach and mechanic is allowed at the designated zone. Two zones will be identified for XCO (Olympic Cross Country) event whilst three feeding and technical assistance zone for the XCM (Marathon Cross Country).

9.2 Feeding is only allowed at the feeding zone.

9.3 No running during the feed.

9.4 No turning back for feeding.

9.5 No feeding from the public, failing which shall be penalised according to UCI : Rules 12.1.040 (23) Unauthorised refreshment. The penalty is RM150.00 fine.

9.6 Article 4.2.044 stipulate that replacement of any parts is allowed other than the frame. Riders are allowed to give their technical assistance only between riders of the same team outside the Technical Assistance zone.


10.1 Retired rider will be classified as DNF (Did Not Finish)

10.2 Rules 4.2.060 Overlap riders must come to the Finish line and exit through the designated finish lane. They will be listed in the result with 'lap down' laps.

10.3 Rules 4.8.017 stipulate that riding too slow 80% slower than the lap time estimated will be pulled out of the race.


11.1 Rules 1.2.047 says that all participants shall assume to know and accept the content of the programme (race schedule) and race location.

ANTI DOPING RULES - Riders must accept these rules as a condition of participation and shall be bound by them.

* Where not stated rules governed by the UCI will be administered. HAVE FUN RACING!

Race Management



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