PIC 16F84A APRS Tracker : GPS Encoder

FoxTrak Basic FT-1111
The Schematic & Technical Information presented here generates an APRS signal with very little effort. It’s a TinyTrak type of tracker hardware with small changes, where all functions are controlled by PIC16F84A.
The position data in NMEA format ( $GPRMC ) delivered from a GPS is decoded and a 1200 bps packet radio signal is generated from it. This can be fed directly into a Radio Transmitter without the need of an expensive TNC. Because of not having enough program memory left on PIC & to make hardware simple, circuit does not decode received APRS signals.
This APRS interface has a serial interface for connecting to the GPS and for configuration of user parameters into PIC’s memory.
The main new features compared to TinyTrak (Byonics) besides some hardware variations is, speed dependable beacon rates and beacon transmissions at major course changes.
Suitable Firmware for this type of hardware is developed by many radio amateurs. One tested in this project is by DK7IN who has also made a nice Linux based configuration utility to write user parameters in PIC. However, TinyTrak's windows configuration utility may also be used for the same purpose. A Linux version is available for download.
Other firmware, developed by PE1RXQ may also be used with added operational benefits. However, this was not tried by me on first proto board. There is also a way to convert this tracker into a Data Tracker, please visit the links provided below, where more information may be found.
In addition to above basic hardware & pre-programmed PIC supplied with kits, my main intention is to make available economical APRS tracker hardware/PCBs to Radio amateurs, who wish to further develop their own type of APRS Trackers.
Since FoxTrak may be configured for various firmware, you may update FoxTrak with a better & smarter Firmware & if necessary, change the PIC, to 16F628A. The Basic hardware remains the same.
Like TinyTrak 3+, this tracker also uses larger 5V regulator to supply GPS power. With suitable header installations, you may supply GPS with either 12V or 5V.
FoxTrak also includes an Instant Transmit Push Button.
FoxTrak is designed on a Double Sided PTH PCB & measures only 7cm x 4.5cm. I am using standard right angle D9F & M connectors.
FoxTrak also comes with Null Modem Adaptor. This adaptor uses two R/A D9F connectors & has a PTH PCB.
Both FoxTrak D9 Sockets, Radio side & RS232/GPS side, have exactly the same connection plan as used with TinyTrak & Open tracker
Completed FoxTrak:

Foxtrak Kits are now supplied with a free case.


AquaPutra-BIB Open Water Swimming Serie 3/2013

AquaPutra-BIB Open Water Swimming Serie 3/2013

Untuk kali ini beberapa perubahan telah dibuat dengan tujuan untuk memudahkan proses pemantauan petugas keselamatan. Diharapkan juga route yang dipilih kali ini memudahkan peserta untuk menyudahkan renangan. Dan juga tambahan kayak escort (12 untuk 80 penyertaan)

We have made few changes that we hoped can make things easier for everyone. Shorter length of buoy placings and all routes are in a straight line. And of course, we'll add more kayak as escort (max 12 kayaks for 80 swimmers)


10 Mac 2013 (Ahad)

Lokasi/ Venue

Pantai Bayu, Port Dickson

Pilihan Jarak/ Route Option

Route A - 1km

Route B - 2km

Route C - 4km

Route D - 6km

Bayaran Penyertaan/Fee

~ Perlindungan Insurans/ Group insurance coverage

~ Makan Tengahari/ Lunch

~ Minuman/ Beverage

~ Sijil penyertaan/ Certificate of Participation

Keselamatan/ Safety Measures

~ 12 kayak (for 80 swimmers)

~ 1 bot JPAM

~ 1 Ambulan JPAM



For my non swedish speaking ham friends:This application allows you to send your position and messages to the APRS-IS network from your Android Phone.
It will establish your position from the built in GPS (more accurate) or thru a mobile network (less accurate). You may also transmit at fixed position in case you use a tablet without GPS or mobile connection.

The application is in english, feel free to download it. This page however is only in Swedish, I will try to make a english description some time. But I think the program itself its pretty self-explanatory. Most settings are pre-configured and the only thing you have to enter is your callsign including SSID and your APRS-IS password. Test your connection by using the "Send beacon" option in the menu and watch out for any messages in the application. If no error-messages appear you could go ahead and start the service.

The "MAP"-view in the program is a embedded map from the fantastic aprs.fi site, created by OH7LZB, Hessu.
*APRS is a registered trademark of APRS Software and Bob Bruninga, WB4APR


Satu lagi applikasi yang boleh dimuat turun melalui android. Rakan yang mempunyai telefon pintar sisitem operasi android bolehlah menggunakan VUF- Tracker ini untuk mengaktifkan stesen anda dalam aprs.

Satu lagi pilihan kepada rakan untuk mengaktifkan aprs melalui smartbeacon apabila tiada liputan igate dan digipeater di sesuatu kawasan.

73, Jojet, 9W2DYA


9M4SLL Spratly DXpedition

9M4SLL Spratly DXpedition Press Release 2
QSL-9M4SLLOn 9 January I sent you some brief information about the 9M4SLL Spratly DXpedition which will take place between 10 and 18 March, and promised more details later. Here now is some further information.
Unfortunately Christian, EA3NT, had to withdraw from the DXpedition due to work reasons, but he has been replaced by two experienced Hungarian DXpeditioners: Pista, HA5AO, and George, HA5UK. The other operators are John, 9M6XRO; Steve, 9M6DXX; James, 9V1YC; Don, G3BJ; Tony, KM0O and Ben, N6MUF / DJ0YI (total 8 operators).
9M4SLL will operate with five stations simultaneously at peak times, using mainly Elecraft K3 and K2 transceivers plus full legal power linear amplifiers on all stations. The antennas will all be verticals and all will be sited within a few metres of the ocean. In particular we will have a Titanex V160E 27m (87ft) high vertical for 160 and 80m with a Pennant antenna for RX on those bands. Activity will be on 160 to 10m, CW, SSB and RTTY. There will be no 60 metre operation as that is not permitted by the Malaysian licence.
The QSL Manager is Tim, M0URX, and direct or bureau QSLs can be requested by OQRS from his website at http://m0urx.com/oqrs. Logs will be uploaded to LoTW as soon as possible after the end of the DXpedition - within a few days. We plan to upload to an online log once per day during the DXpedition. Further information, including suggested operating frequencies, can be found on the 9M4SLL page on M0URX's website at http://m0urx.com/9m4sll
Steve, 9M6DXX

MH Jamboree Lasak 360@Kota Warisan

Tittle : MH Jamboree Lasak 360@Kota Warisan
Place : Kota Warisan, Selangor.
Distance : 40KM
Date : 10 March 2013
Time: 0800 am
Entry fee : RM 50
Closing Date : 18 February 2013
Goodies : Finish Medal , T-Shirt, Stickers Mirror, etc.

Contact Person : Azlisham
Email : mahsilza@yahoo.com
Tel : 019.311.5990
Whatapps : 012.263.9881

Email : shuhaime@hotmail.com

Only at MAS Jamboree Lasak 360.Our final design.Hope u like it :-)

1st recce Kota Warisan trail - Bukit 360` and Bukit ERL

Graph Starting point to Cp 1.

Graph from Cp 1 to Cp2 to Cp3 to Cp4 to Finish.

Trail signs .

Sample Plate Number For

MH Jamboree Lasak 360' @ Kota Warisan.

Konvensyen Radio Amatur Malaysia 2013

Malaysia Amateur Radio Convention 2013 will be held at UKM Bangi, 25 May 2013. This is the first National Convention of Radio Amateurs. As part of the Convention, participants and and visitors wil be experience a variety of programs including lectures, national meetings and large stage presentations. The national association for ham radio in Malaysia - MARL will be organizing this first convention with target of 1,000 participants and visitors.

The speaker and topic for the 2013 convention is Amateur Radio Road Map in Malaysia, with multiple guest speakers, moderated by Mr. Rashid Sultan 9M2RS & Mr.Zainal Farid 9M2ZA.


V66 Community DXing Day

Perhatian ini tentative yang di rancang pada hari tersebut..Tentative v66 DXing Di Pondok Taman Pelangi Fasa 6 dan 7 -- tentative terkini

Masa :23 Feb 2013
14:00 – Masuk ke lokasi dan setup alatan di pondok Taman Pelangi Fasa 6 dan 7.Pemasangan alatan di harap urusetia dan rakan amatur dpt hadir pada masa untuk pemasangan alatan ini -kita memerlukan mainpower pasang alatan.
16:00 – Mula penerangan alatan amatur kepada swl dan sesiapa penduduk yg ingin melihat alatan. Dxing di terus kan pada masa yang sama untuk 10meter oleh Saudara 9w2ts Pak Saad
... 16:30 – Rehat untuk rakan rakan menunaikan solat Asar dan secara bergilir dan sebahagian rakan akan
Di pondok untuk DXing dan Sebagai station controller. Sekurang ada 2 org di pondok Station
Station amatur.
17:00 – Pengenalan Dan demostrasi Amatur PSK system oleh En Abdul Mutalib 9M2SQL
17:30 – Sesi DXing 40m dan sesi antenna oleh Saudara 9w2mgr Abg Misai dan 9w2lpm Lan Pasir Mas.
18:00 –Dxing 40m bergantung pada propegasi oleh station master 9m2rhq
19:30 – Berhenti untuk solat Magrib dan secara bergilir rakan amatur dan swl akan menjaga pondok
Station amatur .
20:00 -21:00 Sesi pengenalan Sejarah amatur di sampaikan oleh En Aziz 9m2au .
21:05 – Pagi Ahad 24 Feb 2013 – Dxing dan monitoring QSO di ketuai oleh station master 9M2RHQ En
Rosli dan di bantu oleh rakan amatur dan swl amatur

Ahad 24 Feb 2013
8:30 - Sarapan pagi oleh rakan amatur
10:00 – Bersedia untuk 40meter Check net oleh station Master 9m2rhq En. Rosli
12:00 – Berkemas untuk tutup station dan bersurai.

Ini ada guide line tentative pada hari tersebut. Tentative boleh berubah pada hari kejadian.

Di sediakan oleh 9w2rev

Climbing Competition CM Series 13

Climbing Competition

Discipline: Top Rope

Event Duration: One (1) Day
Competition Theme: Endurance Buffet Style!!! All route can climb!!

- Endurance competition : more than 30 top rope routes for everyone to climb within 4 hours.
- Scoring : Points collecting system.

Competition Categories: Open Team Category

- No other categories. A team consists of 2 person - mixed gender or not is up to you. Female will have handicapped points.
- For all EXPERT climber (climbs 6c and above) your partner must be a novice/intermediate climber! NO expert- expert in one team.
- Important : Every team member must know how to top rope belay efficiently and safely!!

Venue: Putrajaya Challange Park - Wall Climbing Centre

Date: 23rd February 2013

Registration Fee: RM 20 per team ( 2 person )


- Will be updated soon!

For Inquries and Registration please contact :

Phone - Myzy 0134664363 or Muna 0173197836
Email - Crossmoveadventure@yahoo.com
FB - Myzy Climb or Munna Hazwani

or register straight to us at our Crossmove Proshop in:
K01- Putrajaya Challenge Park ( Wall Climbing ), Persint 5, Putrajaya

Note : In order to be fair and square to beginner and intermediate climbers, please acknowledge that any national athletes will not be allowed to participate in any of these categories. This is mainly to attract and to develop our climbing community to broader climbing scope / level. For this we offer our most sincere apologies.However we shall have more competitions series in the future , if god's willing, and we shall have more categories to accommodate varies climbing levels. Thank you.

Special gratitude to our sponsors :

1. Perbadanan Putrajaya


Location: Templer Park Scout Camp, Selangor (GPS location: N3.2874 E101.6411)
Date 16-17 Feb 2013
Check In Date: 1400hrs (16 Feb, 2013)
Check Out Date: 1200hrs (17 Feb, 2013)
Event Callsign: 9M4CMA
February 16-17
ARRL International CW DX Contest
NAQCC Monthly QRP Sprint--CW
CWops Monthly Mini-CWT Test
Russian WW PSK Contest (Feb 15)
Feld-Hell Annual WAS Sprint
16 Feb, 2013
1400hrs Check in
Set-up Radio and antenna
1600hrs Test Call HF Radio DX-ing
1800hrs Welcoming amateur radio members and guest
MARTS Counter: open for New membership and renewal applications
2000hrs Eyeball QSO
Presentation of Special Souvenir to past MARTS' COUNCIL MEMBERS
2100hrs Dinner and BBQ
0000hrs Radio DX-ing Continue until morning
Tea Coffee (round the clock)
0800hrs Breakfast
1000hrs Shut-down station
1200hrs Check-out
The Scout Camp is equipped with:
Electricity Power Supply
1 HF station with PSU, radio and antenna.
Those who would want to bring their own equipment is encouraged.
Canopy for Radio DX-ing booths
Camp-bag (please bring your own)
The camp has a hall complete with tables and chairs
Toilets/showers for male and female are provided.

Kejohanan Kanu Kebangsaan (Sirkit 1)

Kategori Perlumbaan
1. Kategori Pertandingan

... a. Pertandingan perahu panjang adalah terbahagi kepada 4 kategori iaitu:

i. Terbuka 10 + 1 + 1 Pendayung (LELAKI DAN WANITA) – 500 meter)
• Penyertaan adalah terbuka kepada mana-mana pasukan yang berminat dari dalam ataupun luar negara.

ii. Agensi Kerajaan dan swasta (10 + 1 + 1 Pendayung – 500 meter)
• Penyertaan tertutup kepada mana-mana pasukan agensi kerajaan dan swasta di kawasan Putrajaya/Cyberjaya sahaja.

iii. Antara sekolah-sekolah (10 + 1 + 1 Pendayung 500 meter)
• Penyertaan adalah terbuka kepada pelajar-pelajar sekolah 18 tahun kebawah

iv. Antara IPT (10 + 1 + 1 Pendayung 500 meter)

b. Pertandingan kayak 500 meter adalah seperti berikut:

i. Kebangsaan Senior – penyertaan adalah kepada mana-mana pasukan mewakilli negeri, ATM dan PDRM

a. K1 L dan K1 W
b. K2 L dan K2 W
c. K4 L dan K4 W

ii. Kebangsaan Junior (PRA SUKMA PERLIS 2014) – penyertaan adalah kepada mana-mana pasukan mewakilli negeri yang lahir pada tahun 1993 keatas.

a. K1 L dan K1 W
b. K2 L dan K2 W
c. K4 L dan K4 W

iii. Novis
a. TK1 L dan TK1 W
b. TK2 L dan TK2 W
c. TK2 campuran

iv. Antara IPT
a. TK1 L dan TK1 W
b. TK2 L dan TK2 W
c. TK2 campuran

v. Slalom terbuka (format OLIMPIC YOUTH GAMES akan digunapakai)
a. K1 Lelaki
b. C1 Lelaki
c. C2 Lelaki
d. K1 Wanita

vi. Kanu Polo
a. Terbuka
b. IPT

vii. Kayak TK1 dan TK2 berganti-ganti (relay) terbuka
Setiap pasukan terdiri daripada 8 orang peserta dengan 2 orang peserta wanita adalah wajib




Some time ago, Museum Jan Corver announced that it had plans to develop an APRS modem and make it available as a DIY building kit. Arno PE1ICQ and Jeroen PE1RXQ have designed an APRS modem that can be fitted directly into the Bosch KF161 rig. The circuit is quite similar to the popular TinyTrak modem, but both the PCB and the software have been redesigned completely from scratch. The KF161-Tracker is now available as a building kit from the Museum. Any changes to the manual, enhancements, bugfixes, etc. will be made available through this page.



Installation tool for Windows users (648KB ZIP file)
The self-build kit contains a floppy disc with the software necessary to configure the KF161-Tracker. This is a Linux boot floppy that can be used in any standard Windows PC, however it is necessary to restart your machine and boot from the floppy. Dolf Spoor, PA3EGT, has created a {new configuration tool} that can be used directly from within Windows. Please note that this software doesn't work with firware version 0.8 or higher. A new version is now in preparation.

Hex file of the firmware (8KB HEX file)
This HEX file contains firmware version 0.8 for the PIC controller. The full source is available from the author's website.


This is one of the first prototypes of the KF161-Tracker. The PCB can be fitted directly in place of the 'selective tone unit' (5TVO) of the KF161. The connectors at both edges of the PCB were taken from this unit.

It's a double sided PCB, with solder mask and silk screen (white text). As we've only used standard 'through hole' components (i.e. no SMD) it can be built by virtually anyone. At the centre of the PCB is the Microchip microprocessor, a PIC16F628.

Belon Kota Bharu Radiosonde D22025480 menghampiri Sg Golok

Credit 9W2PRX   Belon Kota Bharu radiosonde D22025480 telah berjaya di selamatkan berhampiran tebing Sungai Golok oleh stesen 9W2GCQ pada ma...