Imej SSTV 16/2/2019 dan 17/2/2019

Imej SSTV pada semalam 16 Februari 2019 berjaya mendapat 2 imej.
Imej 1/12

Imej 12/12

Imej hari ini pula 17 Februari 2019 mendapat 4 lagi imej.

Imej 9/12

Imej 10/12

Imej 5/12

Imej 6/12


Terima email mengandungi ARISS SSTV AWARD.
No. NA1054


Thank you for your participation in the reception of SSTV images transmitted from the International Space Station on 8 - 10 February 2019 to celebrate the NASA On The Air and the 35th anniversary of the Amateur Radio on Human Spaceflight Missions. I am sending you your award in the attachment.

The pictures on the diploma show three events and people associated with them:

35 years ago, astronaut Owen Garriott, W5LFL took his amateur radio equipment into the Space on the Columbia STS-9 shuttle (November-December 1983). He became the first radioamateur to talk to hams while orbiting Earth. This event gave rise to the SAREX program (Shuttle Amateur Radio EXperiment, later called the Space Amateur Radio Experiment).

Sergey Samburov, RV3DR is the Chief of Cosmonaut Amateur Radio Department, RSC Energia. Thirty years ago, he was the founder and head of the MAREX program (Mir Amateur Radio EXperiment) and MIREX (Mir International Amateur Radio EXperiment) which were formed to handle prescheduled Mir school contacts. He is currently the head of the Russian Segment amateur radio activity on the International Space Station.

William Shepherd, KD5GSL commanded the first expedition on board the ISS in 2000-2001. Using the callsign NA1SS - Shepherd completed the first-ever ARISS contact on December 21, 2000. During a ten-minute radioamateur connection, he talked to 14 students of grades 1 to 8 plus a science and math teacher Rita Wright at Luther Burbank Elementary School near Chicago. We have recently celebrated the 18th anniversary of this event

Slawek SQ3OOK
ARISS SSTV Award Manager
Very nice! 
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Stesen E24TVS-2 berjaya hingga ke Igate 9W2DYA-5

Malam tadi stesen E24TVS-2 berjaya mendapat packet ke Igate 9W2DYA-5. Jarak yang dicapai adalah 1672.7km

Imej SSTV 10/2/2019

Imej SSTV pada siang ini terima jam 10:21 & 10:25. Dua imej berjaya diterima selang 4 minit menggunakan aplikasi Robot36. Imej 8/12 dan 9/12 berjaya dekode.

Imej 8/12

Imej 9/12

Sebelah malam pula berjaya mendekode dua imej lagi. Pada jam 21:54 dan 21:58 untuk imej 4/12 dan 5/12.

Imej 4/12

Imej 5/12

Imej SSTV 9/2/2019

Dua imej SSTV berjaya diterima pada jam 22:44 dan 22:48 malam ini. Ia merupakan lintasan kedua untuk malam ini.
Imej 5/12 dan 6/12 berjaya dekode.

Imej 5/12

Imej 6/12

RX beacon stesen HS6KLJ-8 dan RS0ISS

Tengahari ini berjaya menerima dua beacon iaitu HS6KLJ-6 dan RS0ISS. Igate 9W2DYA-5 berjaya memukat beacon untuk hari kedua selepas semalam RS0ISS telah diaktifkan semula.

Lintasan ISS pada malam ini turut berjaya mendapat satu beacon RS0ISS. Berlaku pada 23:51:22 malam ini.

Imej SSTV 2/2/2019

Lintasan ISS awal pagi mengaktif SSTV berjaya mendekode imej. Jam 12:50 pagi imej terpampang pada skrin tab lenova. Menggunakan aplikasi Robot36.

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