Kepada semua rakan ham Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf zahir dan batin. Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan ke 54 tahun.

73, Jojet, 9W2DYA

Repeater NESRAC berfungsi kembali

Semalam monitor 145.375MHz repeater NESRAC telah berfungsi kembali. Jam 2.00 petang tadi aku juga sempat menguji pancar ke repeater dari saltmine di Bandar Tun Hussein Onn Cheras. Ketika itu 9W2YDL abg Asri di jalur menjawab panggilan aku. Beliau RX audio aku 48 sedikit berpasir memandangkan WX hujan renyai. Aku bekerja menggunakan handy dengan kuasa pancaran 5 watt antena rubber duck. Beliau sedang bermobile di Port Dickson. Terima kasih abg Asri atas menjawab panggilan dan selamat berpuasa. Tidak dilupa juga kepada rakan yang bertungkus lumus memperbaiki repeater ini berfungsi semula. Tahniah semua jasamu dikenang. Terima Kasih NESRAC.

73, Jojet, 9W2DYA.

A solar flare is heading our way, so conditions will be terrible.

Have you heard s fellow amateur radio operator make statement, A solar flare is heading our way, so conditions will be terrible? Even the news media makes statements like this, as do popular blog: " A spectacular coronal mass ejection on June 7 sent a solar flare heading our way at a speed of 1400 km/s. The flare, said to be of medium size, is likely to result in spectacular aurora and other space weather effects with the potential to cause some communications, navigation, and power-grid problems." The problem with these statement is that they are inaccurate.

Solar flares do not head our way that these statement imply. Faithful readers of this columm know that solar flares often trigger a complex series of events that may lead to the release of solar plasma clouds do head our way, but also know that the flare itself is a nearly instant release of energy much like the burst of light of a flash bulb on a camera.

Solar flares are good examples of some of the most energetic natural explosive events known to man. Complex magnetic looping structures concentrated in an active sunspot region suddenly snap apart. Radiationis emitted across virtually the entire electromagnetic spectrum, from longwave radio frequencies, through the optical spectrum (the bright flash of a solar flare that is seen by the naked eye), to x-rays and gamma rays at tthe shortest wavelenght end. The amount of energy released is the equivalent  of millions of 100-megaton hydrogen bombs exploding at the same time!

This release of energy is nearly instantaneous and because this radiation of light and radio energy travels at the speed of light, it takes only about eight minutes for the energy to reach Earth. When an x-ray flare occurs on the Earth-facing side of the Sun, it takes only eight minutes for full impact of the flare's energy to reach our planet! That's why it is misleading for someone to say, " a solar flare is heading our way and the HF bands are going to be terrible tonight," as if sometimes in the coming hours, the results of the flare are going to make it here.

The x-rays from these events penetrate into the lower ionosphere and cause the D-region, which acts as a sponge that soaks up radio signals, to become more energized. The more ionized the D-region, the higher the frequencies that are absorbed and the stronger the absorption of the lower frequencies. Thus, radio signal from distant locations that travel through a flare-enhanced ionosphere are absorbed and become inaudible. These fideouts, which used to be called radio blackouts but are now known as Sudden Ionospheric Disturbances (SIDs), last only minutes for minor flares, to maybe an hour or so for the largest of flares. Once the flare is exhausted, the x-ray radiation fades and the ionosphere recovers to its normal level of ionization.

It might be that there is confusin about what actually may be heading toward the Earth when people talk about a " solar flare is heading our way." As all of this magnetic energy is being released during the explosive moment of a solar x-ray flare, and the Sun heats and accelerates the Sun's plasma caught up by the complex tangle of magnetic fields, and sometimes released these plasma particles as huge clouds out into interplanetary space. These billion-ton clouds are known as coronal mass ejections (CMEs), and they ride the solar wind out away from the Sun.

A CME travels very fast, but not as fast as the speed of light. Depending on how intensely the plasma is ejected during the explosive solar flare, the coronal mass ejection could take anywhere from one to four days arrive at Earth, if the CME was directed toward Earth. Not all CMEs are ejected toward Earth.

If a CME is directed toward Earth, it can cause a lot of havoc. When it hits our magnetosphere, we could see the geomagnetic activity turn stormy, which will cause longer-term degradation of HF propagation, as well as trigger auroral conditions. Geomagnetic activity has the effect of lowering the ionization of teh various ionospheric layers, which brings down the maximum usable frequency (MUF) over a given signal path. This lowering is much like what happens at night, when the ultravioler radiation of the Sun is blocked and ionosphere settles down. The stronger and longer the geomagnetic storm, the more depressed the ionospheric propagation becomes.

Some people think of the coronal mass ejection and the resulting geomagnetic storms collectively as a "solar storm." This may lead some to think of this as the "solar flare that is heading our way leading our way leading to bad radio conditions." However, now we know that a solar flare is a nearly instant event that effects radio propagation on the sunlit side of the Earth, with a possible longer-term event known as the coronal mass ejection. But wait! There is one more related event.

Readers of this column know that the Sun is always generating a solar wind. The solar wind is made up of protons and other particles that stream out away from the Sun with varying speeds. When CMEs plow through interplanetary space, they plow through this gaseous material, first in the Sun's atmosphere and then out in out the solar wind. Shock waves in front of the CME can accelerate these protons in our direction, causing what we know as "the proton storm."

When these accelerated protons are aimed toward Earth, they penetrate our magnetosphere and are funneled down toward the polar regions, forced along the Earth's magnetic field lines. These highly energized protons cause the D-region of the ionosphere to become highly ionized, effectively absorbing first the lowest wavelenghts of the high-frequency spectrum, then moving on the highest of the shortwave spectrum if the proton storm is extremely intense. This is known as a polar cap absorption (PCA) event, and this can occur as quickly as within hours of an x-ray flare, or perhaps day after the flare. When a PCA occurs, and radio signals over the polar region are absorbed, it shuts down radio paths between DX locations, depending on the polar paths, such as between central Europe and the United States.

Page 95-96 August 2011

Artikel ini mungkin memberi jawapan persoalan tentang fenomena ribut solar kesan kepada propagasi. Harap rakan ham dapat kepuasan jawapan oleh NW7US  seorang kolumnis di majalah CQ.

73, Jojet, 9W2DYA

ILLW 2011

International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend yang sedang berlangsung ini menunjukkan penglibatan rakan ham dari Malaysia terdiri daripada 5 buah rumah api yang terlibat. Pemerhatian melalui log book di QRZ.Com hingga jam 1.05 pagi 22/8/2011 berikut adalah contact yang telah dibuat oleh rumah api tersebut:

9M4CJB Bukit Segenting 21/08/11 05:19:24Z VU2WWX 20M 14.190MHz MODE SSB

9M4CHF Kota Kuala Kedah 20/08/11 09:34Z 9M2PJU 40M 7.043MHz Mode SSB

9M4LHC Tanjung Gelang 20/08/11 16:46Z LZ1NC 15M 21.000MHz Mode PSK31

9M4LHN Tanjung Tuan 20/08/11 18:08Z ON7EC 20M 14.285MHz Mode SSB

9M6SDX Pulau Berhala, Sandakan 20/08/11 14:16Z JR3EXE 17M 18.081MHz Mode CW

Tahniah kepada semua rakan ham yang terlibat menjayakan program antarabangsa ini. Walaupun dibulan yang mulia penuh cabaran ini, kerana minat segalanya dapat berjalan lancar seperti yang dirancang disamping menyempurnakan ibadah puasa agar mendapat rahmat dan keradhaan-NYA. Moga di tahun akan datang lebih banyak lagi rumah api yang akan mengambil bahagian.

73, Jojet, 9W2DYA

The 52nd ALL ASIAN DX CONTEST - 2011


(1) CW: From 00:00 UTC the third Saturday of June to 24:00 UTC the next day <48 hours> (June 18-19,2011)

(2) Phone: From 00:00 UTC the first Saturday of Sept. to 24:00 UTC the next day <48 hours> (Sept. 3-4, 2011)

02. BANDS:

Amateur bands 160m(CW only), 80m, 40m, 20m, 15m, 10m


(1) Single Operator Single Band

a: Asian stations.................High Power, Low Power

b: Non-Asian stations.........High Power only

(2) Single Operator Multi Band

a: Japanese(JA) stations........High Power, Low Power, Junior, Senior

b: Asian stations.......................High Power, Low Power

c: Non-Asian stations...............High Power only

(3) Multi-Operator Single Transmitter(multi band only)

(4) Multi-Operator Multi Transmitter(multi band only)

Note1: Single Operator stations means that one person performs all concerned operations during contest period. Use of Packet Cluster is permitted.

2: Low Power stations are limited 100W output or less. No limitation on High Power stations.

3: Junior stations' operator age must be 19 years old or younger, and Seniors operators must be 70 years old or older.

4: 10 minutes rule(CQ WW method) is applied to Multi-Operator Single Transmitter stations. The 10 minutes rule means that only one transmitter and one band are permitted during any 10 minutes period, defined as starting with the first logged QSO on a band. However, one-and only one other band may be used during any 10 minutes period if and only if the station worked is a new multiplier. This rule is applied to not only running stations, but also to multi-stations respectively.

Within the limits of own station license.


(1) CW ........... "CQ AA"

(2) Phone........ "CQ AA Contest"


(1) For OM stations: RS(T) report plus operators' age

For example (If operator is 25 years old): Phone........5925, CW..........59925

(2) For YL stations: RS(T) report plus operators' age, but if the operator does not want to send her age, RS(T) report plus "00" (zero zero) can be sent.

For example (the operator is 25 years old): Phone........5925(or 5900), CW..........59925(or 59900)

(3) For Multi-Operator stations: RS(T) report plus the averaged age of operators, but if each operator wishes, the age of active operator can be sent.

For example (the operators are 25 and 35 years old): Phone........5930 for all operators (or 5925 for 25 years old operator and 5935 for 35 years old operator), CW..........59930 for all operators (or 59925 for 25 years old operator and 59935 for 35 years old operator)


(1) No cross band contacts.

(2) No change of operating site.

(3) For single Operator and Multi-Operator Single Transmitter entry:

Transmitting two signals or more at the same time, including cases of different bands, is not permitted. (Except transmitting two signals to get New Multiplier under the 10 minutes rules)

(4) For Multi-Operator's entry: Transmitting two signals or more at the same time within the same band is not permitted.

(5) No operation from two sites or more for Multi-Operator's entry.

(6) No contact made through repeaters.


(1) For Asian stations:

a: Points........Perfect contact will be scored as follows. Contact among same entities will neither count as a point nor a multiplier. Duplicate contact with the same station on same band will not count as a point.

160m band.......3 points per Asian QSO. 9 points per Non-Asian QSO.

80m band.......2 points per Asian QSO. 6 points per Non-Asian QSO.

10m band.......2 points per Asian QSO. 6 points per Non-Asian QSO.

Other bands........1 point per Asian QSO. 3 points per Non-Asian QSO.

b: Multipliers........The total number of different entities (according to the DXCC List) worked on each band.

(2) For non-Asian stations:

a: Points.......Perfect contact with Asian stations (excluding U.S. auxiliary military radio stations in the Far East, Japan) will be counted as follows:

160m band................3 points

80m band...............2 points

10m band...............2 points

Other bands.................1 point

b: Multipliers.......The total number of different Asian Prefixes(according to the WPX Contest rules) worked on each band.

(3) JD1 stations.

a: JD1 stations on Ogasawara (Bonin and Volcano) Islands belong to Asia.

b: JD1 stations on Minami-tori Shima(Marcus) Islands belong to Oceania.

(4) Maritime Mobile Stations
For all maritime mobile stations at any location (no matter outside or inside Asia), perfect contacts with only Asian stations can be counted. The total score will be published in the contest results. But, they will not be ranked. Contacts points with maritime mobile stations will be considered as same as contacts among Asian stations. But, it will not count as multiplier.


(1) Multi-band: (The total of the contact points on each band) x (The total of the multipliers on each band)

(2) Single-Band: (The total contact points on the band) x (The total multipliers on the band)


It is recommended to use JARL A.A. Contest Log and Summary sheet which are available from JARL HQ for two IRC and SAE. (Summary and Log are available as "PDF files" from the JARL Web site)

(1) Each Summary sheet must include your DXCC entity, callsign used, entry class, multipliers by band, points by band and total score. It should also include a signed declaration indicating that you have observed the rules and regulations of the contest. Multi-Operator stations must submit a list of all operators call-sign or name.

(2) Log sheet must contain band, date, time in UTC, call of station worked, exchange sent, exchange received, multipliers and QSO points. Use a separate sheet for each band.(For Single Transmitter entry:in order of the time contacted). Multipliers should be clearly marked by entities or Asian prefixes, first time worked on each band.

(3) E-mail submission

JARL Format or Cabrillo Format.


(1) For both CW and Phone, certificates will be awarded to those having the highest score in each category in proportion to the number of participants from each entity and also those from US CQ Zone 3, 4, and 5 in the United States.

a: If the number of participants are under 10 there will be an Award only to the highest scorer

b: From 11 to 20 ............ Awards to the highest scorer and the runner-up

c: From 21 to 30 ............ Awards to the top three

d: 31 or more ................. Awards to the top five

(2) The highest scorer among JARL members of each category in each area of Japan, under the condition having a ranking within top half, will receive a certificate from JARL. However,this rule doesn't apply to those who received the highest scorer of the entity certificate.
(3) The highest scorer on each Continent of the Single Operator Multi Band category will receive a medal from JARL and a certificate from the Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan.
(4) The highest scorer of the Multi-Operator Single Transmitter and Multi Transmitter category on each Continent will receive a medal from JARL.
(5) Special plaques will be awarded to the stations in the categories mentioned in a separate page.
(6) The Contest Award will be issued to whom fulfill the certain requirements during the contest period. The detailed information will be appeared in a separate page.


(1) Submit a summary sheet and logs of only one entry classification. E-mail submission will be welcomed.

(2) The log and summary should be postmarked by the following dates, addressed to:

JARL, All Asian DX Contest, 170-8073, Japan

Indicate CW or Phone on the envelope.

E-mail submissions to:



Deadlines for submissions:
a: CW...................July 31, 2011

b: Phone..............October 31, 2011


(1) Taking points for duplicate contact on the same band in excess of 2% of the total.

(2) False statements in the report.

(3) Violations of the contest rules.


Results will be published in the Spring, 2012 issue of JARL News and also will be appeared on JARL's web site (
For those wishing to receive contest results by post, please enclose two IRC with your log.
-- Spratly Is.

3W,XV Vietnam

4J,4K Azerbaijan

4L Georgia

4S Sri Lanka

4X,4Z Israel

5B,C4,P3 Cyprus

7O Yemen

8Q Maldives(*)

9K Kuwait

9M2,4 West Malaysia

9N Nepal

9V Singapore

A4 Oman

A5 Bhutan

A6 U.A.E.

A7 Qatar

A9 Bahrain

AP Pakistan

BS7 Scarborough Reef

BV Taiwan

BV9P Pratas Is

B China

E4 Palestine

EK Armenia

EP-EQ Iran

EX Kyrgyzstan

EY Tajikistan

EZ Turkmenistan

HL,6K,6N South Korea

HS,E2 Thailand

HZ Saudi Arabia

JA-JS,7J-7N Japan

JD1 Ogasawara Is.

JT-JV Mongolia

JY Jordan

OD Lebanon

P5 North Korea

S2 Bangladesh

TA-TC Turkey(*)

UA-UI8,9,0 RA-RZ Asiatic Russia

UJ-UM Uzbekistan

UN-UQ Kazakhstan

VR Hong Kong

VU India

VU4 Andaman and Nicobar Is.

VU7 Lakshadweep

XU Cambodia

XW Laos

XX9 Macao

XY-XZ Myanmar

YA Afghanistan

YI Iraq

YK Syria

ZC4 UK Sov.Base Area on Cyprus

(*) only Asian area

Total 55 Entities as of June 1, 2009


0001 UTC 20th AUGUST TO 2359 UTC 21st AUGUST 2011 (48 hours or part thereof)

OFFICIAL LISTS OF ENTRANTS - 2011 Total=460 (incl 18 Lightships.) in 53 countries.

Malaysia 9M4CHF Kota Kuala Kedah Lighthouse MY0011 Web

Malaysia 9M4LHC Tanjung Gelang Lighthouse MY0002 Buro or direct to 9M2RDX Web

Malaysia 9M4LHN Cape Rashardo Tanjung Tuan MY0001 Via 9W2PD PO Box 73 71007 Port Dickson Malaysia

9M4CJB Bukit Segenting, Johor MY0008 or via Scouts JB QSL manager 9W2BUG Web

Malaysia 5 9M6SDX Pulau Berhala Sandakan, Sabah MY0012 9M4SAB

Di atas adalah senarai Rumah Api Malaysia yang akan mengambil bahagian dalam International Lighthouse/Lightship weekend 2011 yang akan bermula pada hari ini hingga esok. Selamat menjayakan program tahunan ini dan selamat menjalani ibadah puasa. Semoga mendapat contact yang banyak.
73, Jojet, 9W2DYA



Callsign    Band    Final Score  QSO Zones Countries

9M2JKL      All           85,988      246    55        111
9M2ODY    A            166,014     354    65        142
9M2TO        A             99,000     505    50         100
9M2ZAK    A                6,875       73     23          32
9M2MRS    A                6,800       51     29          39
9M4CMR   A                 3,864       44    20          26
9W2ESM    28             13,735     106     23         44
9W2VVH    28               4,305      58      15         26
9W2CBL    28                  204       15       7         10
9M2PS        14              43,043     231     23        68

9M8Z          A          4,713,919    3583     131    338
9M6BOB     A             477,925    1016      66    109
9M8YY       3.7             17,584       123      20     36
9M6YBG     A               19,872        80      37      71
9W6ZAM    28                2,937         47      13      20


9M6LSC      A          1,705,312      1910    111    211


9M8Z  (Opr.: Steve Telenius-Lowe, 9M6DXX)

Donor: Northern California DX Club
Special Mention

Some of the callsigns making contest more interesting for all of us were:   9M2JKL, 9M2ODY, 9M2TO, 9M2PS, 9M8Z, 9M6BOB and 9M2SMC.

Sources: CQ Amateur Radio Volume 67, No.8

Tahniah Semua 9M-Land. Selamat Menyambut Kemerdekaan 2011

73, Jojet, 9W2DYA


ISS Pass Details: Kuala Lumpur

Date UTC Az El Lat Lon Orbit Vis

15Aug11 22:10:15 320 0 17.9 -88.82 73024 N

15Aug11 22:11:23 319 5 14.52 -91.5 73024 N

15Aug11 22:12:31 317 12 11.1 -94.09 73024 N

15Aug11 22:13:37 312 23 7.7 -96.58 73024 N

15Aug11 22:14:40 296 46 4.48 -98.89 73024 N

15Aug11 22:15:28 223 65 2.01 -100.64 73024 N

15Aug11 22:15:59 179 51 0.47 -101.72 73024 N

15Aug11 22:16:43 162 31 -1.8 -103.32 73024 N

15Aug11 22:17:42 154 17 -4.83 -105.47 73024 N

15Aug11 22:18:48 151 8 -8.19 -107.88 73024 N

15Aug11 22:19:55 150 3 -11.63 -110.41 73024 N

15Aug11 22:20:37 149 0 -13.71 -111.98 73024 N

Nothing heard that answer when i am monitor Arissat-1 and ISS. Sebelum ini aku monitor ada juga signal tapi pagi tiada kedengaran apa-apa negative copy. Laluan ISS diatas Selat Melaka mana bukan tidak boleh dapat sebarang signal. Mungkin rakan lain copy signal tetapi aku tidak mendengar apa-apa. Teruskan mencuba lagi.

73, Jojet, 9W2DYA

Penang ARDF Fun Hunt - August 21st, 2011

Hi Fellow Hunters …
After the last training hunt held on July 31st, there were requests for another hunt to keep the momentum running. Furthermore, I did not have the chance to practice on the 2M mode since was concentrating on the 80M on that outing. This time, I hope to have two 2M beacons running alternatively on the same frequency - 1 min ON and 1 min OFF cycle.
An added twist will be, when the 1st beacon is activated, it will remain activated for 30 minutes before shutting down, and the fox setter will dismantle the equipment and move to another spot. During that duration, the 2nd beacon will take over for an active time of 30 minutes, before shutting down and move to another location.
The hunters will communicate on simplex a frequency, to share information on detecting and homing in on the elusive beacons. This practical session will train our hunters to work as a close knit team to quickly locate the 2 beacons.
Venue: Botanical Gardens, Quarry or MPPP Park, Penang
Date: Sunday morning - August 21st, 2011
Time: 9:30 am
Participation Fees: - Free -
Meeting place: Hunters to meet at the car park near Craft Batik.
73 de Musang


Stesen Angkasa lepas (ISS) mempunyai stesen radio amaturnya sendiri callsign kini RS0ISS. Kita juga mempunyai angkasawan negara yang pernah menjejak kakinya di sini iaitu 9W2MUS. Beliau pernah QSO dengan pelajar -pelajar di Planetarium suatu masa dahulu yang dipantau oleh 9M2SS. Jadi ilmu radio amatur tidak terbatas qso didaratan sahaja malah kita boleh berhubung melalui satelit. Hari ini satelit ARISSat-1 telah dilancarkan di ISS pada awal Ogos yang lalu. Kesempatan ini perlu diambil kerana pihak AMSAT sedang menunggu laporan uji pancar satelit ini untuk mengetahui sejauh mana prestasinya. Pihak AMSAT akan memberi sijil digital kepada rakan-rakan yang melaporkan penerimaan satelit ini. Sila emailkan audio report anda ke  . Selain audio anda juga boleh melaporkan imej SSTV, telemetry data dan BPSK telemetry. Bagi rakan yang ingin mempelajari tentang SSTV kita ada rakan yang mahir tentang ini iaitu 9W2KEY yang sangat aktif dalam komunikasi satelit ini. Boleh lawati blog beliau
Bagi mereka yang hendak menjejaki ISS ini aku hanya merujuk kepada  . Ini kerana segala maklumat tentang pergerakan dan xtvt angkasawan dilaporkan diweb ini. Terdapat imej ISS dipeta dunia menunjukkan kedudukannya terkini. Kita juga boleh mengetahui waktu jangkaan ISS melalui  ruang angkasa Malaysia dengan mengklik di predict pass details bawah imej ISS position. Jadual kedudukan ISS akan ditunjukkan selepas klik. Kita juga boleh melaporkan penerimaan audio diruang-ruang add your report.Tetapi perlulah mendaftar dahulu sebelum melakukan sebarang xtvt. Frekuensi ARISSat-1/KEDR adalah 145.950MHz manakala frekuensi ISS 145.800MHz. Aku monitor guna handy sahaja boleh terima 48 kadangkala 37, tetapi jika guna rig dengan bantuan antena base rasanya audio boleh terima 59. Jika anda sudah dapat terima audio bolehlah terus email ke AMSAT untuk menuntut sijil yang dijanjikan. Aku tengah menunggu maklum balas dari AMSAT jikalau audio report aku itu boleh layak mendapat sijil itu hihi. Itu seronoknya hobi ini kerana banyak award atau apa-apa sijil diberikan mengikut syarat-syarat yang telah ditetapkan. Setakat ini tiada apa-apa award diperolehi sejak mendapat lesen sejak tahun 2009. Apa yang penting semangat untuk terus belajar dan belajar lagi. Semoga berjaya rakan-rakan menjejak ISS ini hihi.

73, Jojet, 9W2DYA

ISS Pass Details: Kuala Lumpur

Date        UTC        Az El Lat Lon       Orbit Vis

12Aug11 23:28:13 316 0 17.04 87.83 72978 Y

12Aug11 23:29:21 314 5 13.64 90.49 72978 Y

12Aug11 23:30:28 310 11 10.21 93.07 72978 Y

12Aug11 23:31:35 301 22 6.8 95.55 72978 Y

12Aug11 23:32:39 276 40 3.54 97.87 72978 Y

12Aug11 23:33:32 219 47 0.81 99.8 72978 Y

12Aug11 23:34:19 182 33 -1.61 101.5 72978 Y

12Aug11 23:35:17 166 19 -4.57 103.6 72978 Y

12Aug11 23:36:22 159 10 -7.88 105.97 72978 Y

12Aug11 23:37:30 155 4 -11.31 108.49 72978 Y

12Aug11 23:38:38 153 0 -14.76 111.11 72978 Y

ARISSat-1/KEDR Reception Report Certificates

When you receive the downlink signal from ARISSat-1/KEDR you are invited to send your report to the
following e-mail boxes. You will receive a PDF certificate by e-mail.

Students and school groups are especially welcome. We look forward to your report!

Your report must contain the following information:

The signal you received:

the secret word*,

an SSTV image, or,

telemetry data

Your name or group name

The date/time of reception

City, State and Country

Your e-mail address of where to send your certificate. You will receive a PDF certificate via email.

Here are the e-mail boxes to send your reports:

Secret word* contest to:

SSTV image to:

Telemetry data to: (either digital or voice report of the data you received)

Received BPSK telemetry and .CSV files should continue to be sent to:

* Those who do hear the secret word or call sign please do not put it out to the world. That would ruin the contest for those still waiting for their station to be in range.

145.950 MHz FM Downlink - Operational

FM transmissions will cycle between a voice ID as RS01S, select telemetry values, 24 international greeting messages in 15 languages and SSTV images. One of the messages will be a conversation between Yuri Gagarin and ground control.
If you successfully receive the SSTV transmissions, you are invited to upload your picture to
to the ARISS SSTV Gallery.

Congratulations to the ARISSat-1/KEDR Team

ARISSat-1/Radioskaf-b cataloged

ARISSat-1 also known as Radioskaf-b or Kedr has been given a catalog number of 37772 and called Radioskaf-b in the Keplerian list.
Graham Shirville, G3VZV notes that ARISSat-1 leads the ISS by 20 seconds and is less than 1 km below it.

Congratulations to the ARISSat-1/KEDR Team

As the satellite was deployed from the International Space Station beginning its mission AMSAT President Barry Baines, WD4ASW, observed, "Welcome to a new era as AMSAT returns to space with ARISSat-1/KEDR. I encourage all hams, SWLs, educators, and experimenters to enjoy the unique opportunity presented by this mission to learn about amateur radio in space, enhance and improve your station, and hone your operating skills as you try out all of this satellite's available features."
Barry continues, "ARISSat-1/KEDR marks a new type of satellite which has captured the attention of the national space agencies around the world for the unique educational opportunity we have been able to design, launch, and now operate. By designing an educational mission aligned with NASA's Science, Technology,Engineering, and Mathematics goals amateur radio operators around the world can now enjoy a new satellite in orbit."
ARISSat-1/KEDR Project Manager, Gould Smith, WA4SXM said, "Dozens of amateur radio volunteers, AMSAT, ARRL, NASA, and Energia have teamed up for this successful mission to bring you the most unique and innovative amateur radio satellite mission flying 220 miles above your QTH at 17,500 mph! Congratulations to all who made ARISSat-1/KEDR successful!"
Continuing, Gould said, "ARRISat-1/KEDR has been developed, built, and tested by a remarkable team of radio amateurs. As the Project Manager for ARISSat-1/KEDR these past three years I have had the opportunity to work with a team of creative people to get to where we are now ... IN ORBIT!"


20110806 22:19 3709.9 ew8dj EU Belarus 9w2dya

20110806 22:19 3709.9 EW8DJ Thanks! EU Belarus 9w2dya

20110806 22:21 3709.9 EW8DJ Thanks! EU Belarus 9w2dya

20110806 22:23 3713.0 SN3S Thanks! SP Poland 9w2dya

20110806 22:23 3713.0 UW1GZ Thanks! UR Ukraine 9w2dya

20110806 22:24 3713.0 YO9HP Thanks! YO Romania 9w2dya

20110806 22:24 3713.0 YO9HP Thanks! YO Romania 9w2dya

20110806 22:24 3713.0 TA1CM Thanks! ! TA Turkey 9w2dya

20110806 22:25 3713.0 YO5OBA Thanks, new DXCC country! YO Romania 9w2dya

20110806 22:25 3713.0 TA1CM Thanks! TA Turkey 9w2dya

20110806 22:26 3713.0 E1CZG Thanks! 9w2dya

20110806 22:27 3713.0 UT0NN Thanks! UR Ukraine 9w2dya

20110806 22:27 3713.0 UA4ALT Thanks! UA European Russia 9w2dya

20110806 22:28 3713.0 YO9XC Thanks! YO Romania 9w2dya

20110806 22:28 3713.0 LY2ND Thanks! ! LY Lithuania 9w2dya

20110806 22:28 3713.0 YO9XC Thanks, new DXCC country! YO Romania 9w2dya

20110806 22:29 3713.0 UR5ETN Thanks! UR Ukraine 9w2dya

20110806 22:30 3713.0 YO2MKT Thanks! YO Romania 9w2dya

20110806 22:30 3713.0 YO2MKT Thanks! YO Romania 9w2dya

20110806 22:30 3713.0 LL5FH Thanks! ! LA Norway 9w2dya

20110806 22:31 3713.0 9A6LIL Thanks, new DXCC country! 9A Croatia 9w2dya

20110806 22:32 3713.0 PA4HM Thanks! PA Netherlands 9w2dya

20110806 22:38 3721.3 EC1DB Thanks! EA Spain 9w2dya

20110806 22:40 3725.0 UX1UX Thanks! UR Ukraine 9w2dya

20110806 22:43 3713.6 SM6EV Thanks! ! SM Sweden 9w2dya

20110806 22:44 3713.6 9A8EBE Thanks, new DXCC country! 9A Croatia 9w2dya

20110806 22:44 3713.6 YO8TNB Thanks! YO Romania 9w2dya

20110806 22:44 3713.6 HA8EB Thanks! HA Hungary 9w2dya

20110806 22:45 3713.6 9A8EAB Thanks! 9A Croatia 9w2dya

20110806 22:45 3713.6 YK2YHL Thanks! ! YK Syria 9w2dya

20110806 22:48 3713.7 OZ1HHH Thanks, new DXCC country! ! OZ Denmark 9w2dya

20110806 22:49 3713.6 HA7PL Thanks, new DXCC country! HA Hungary 9w2dya

20110806 22:50 3713.6 R2SA Thanks! ! UA2 Kaliningrad 9w2dya

20110806 22:54 3713.6 TA1AS Thanks, new DXCC country! TA Turkey 9w2dya

20110806 22:54 3713.6 TA1DK Thanks! TA Turkey 9w2dya

20110806 22:55 3713.6 I2WIJ Thanks! I Italy 9w2dya

20110806 22:55 3713.6 EC1DBO Thanks! EA Spain 9w2dya

20110806 22:56 3713.6 YO5QAW Thanks! YO Romania 9w2dya

20110806 23:02 3714.0 S58WW Thanks! S5 Slovenia 9w2dya

20110806 23:05 3708.6 LY1RB Thanks! LY Lithuania 9w2dya

20110806 23:07 3715.0 DL1QQ Thanks! DL Germany 9w2dya

20110806 23:07 3715.0 9A1TIM Thanks! 9A Croatia 9w2dya

20110806 23:08 3715.0 R7FF Thanks! UA9 Asiatic Russia 9w2dya

20110806 23:08 3715.0 Y03CZW Thanks! 9w2dya

20110806 23:08 3715.0 SM4DME Thanks! SM Sweden 9w2dya

20110806 23:10 3715.0 UA6CFG Thanks! UA European Russia 9w2dya

20110806 23:10 3715.0 YO5QAW Thanks! YO Romania 9w2dya

20110806 23:13 3715.0 SI3A Thanks! SM Sweden 9w2dya

20110806 23:15 3715.0 9A1MM Thanks! 9A Croatia 9w2dya

20110806 23:16 3715.0 LY9A Thanks! LY Lithuania 9w2dya

20110806 23:16 3715.0 SP9YZG Thanks! SP Poland 9w2dya

20110806 23:22 3723.0 UI4I UA European Russia 9w2dya

20110806 23:23 3723.0 DK8KY Thanks! DL Germany 9w2dya

20110806 23:23 3723.0 HA7PL Thanks! HA Hungary 9w2dya

20110806 23:25 3723.0 EC1KR Thanks! EA Spain 9w2dya

20110806 23:25 3723.0 DO3BJ Thanks! DL Germany 9w2dya

20110806 23:26 3723.0 DC1DBO Thanks! DL Germany 9w2dya

20110806 23:26 3723.0 TA1CM Thanks! TA Turkey 9w2dya

QTH: Breaza (PH), Romania
LOC: KN25te
Three Softrock Lite II receivers (80m, 40m, 30m) with a 40m Long Wire antenna. The picture will come soon.

For 80m and 40m bands I'm using the Line-In and Mic channels from the integrated soundcard in a Gigabyte motherboard. The embedded card use a Realtek ALC883 ADC (2 stereo inputs @96KHz/24bit.
For the 30m band an external cheap USB sound adapter based on CM106 chipset is used (Very popular for about 10$ on eBay)
Server configuration: Athlon 64 @ 3500+, 2GB RAM, Fedora 14

European contest pada 6 Ogos 2011 adalah untuk rakan ham dibenua ini sahaja. Jadi aku mencari webSDR di lokasi benua ini. Kali ini aku memilih webSDR @ YO3GGX QTH Breaza, Romania. Aku memilih band 80m kerana xtvt contest sangat begitu rancak berbanding dengan band yang lain. Audio juga sangat jelas diterima 5/9 . Pada awal contest aku monitor di band 40m tetapi tidak serancak di band 80m. Contest bermula jam 12.00 UTC hingga 23.59UTC. Saat akhir aku monitor menunjukkan ramai rakan memanggil sebelum tempoh masa yang ditetapkan berakhir. Aku monitor dari 22.19 UTC hingga 23.26 UTC. Lebih 60 callsign telah dapat dikesan melalui webSDR @ YO3GGX.

73, Jojet, 9W2DYA

WebSDR 2 on University of Technology Eindhoven NL

20110806 14:53 7092.0 TM0MN F France 9w2dya

20110806 14:56 7136.0 IK2YHL Thanks! I Italy 9w2dya

20110806 14:58 7136.0 SN3S Thanks! SP Poland 9w2dya

20110806 14:58 7136.0 PA3CVJ Thanks! PA Netherlands 9w2dya

20110806 15:05 7140.5 SQ3HXH Thanks! SP Poland 9w2dya

20110806 15:05 7140.5 HB9DRM Thanks! HB Switzerland 9w2dya

20110806 15:08 7140.5 I0SSW Thanks! I Italy 9w2dya

This is a WebSDR receiver, located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. It is operated by Harry and Martin, e-mail

7th Asia-Pacific Regional Air/Internet Jamboree

The Asia-Pacific Region of WOSM is pleased to introduce the 7th Asia Pacific Regional Air-Internet Jamboree, following the success since the first Jamboree in 2004. The General Association of the Scouts of China will host this year’s event on 6-7 August 2011.

The Air-Internet Jamboree is a regional event in which Scouts can contact each other by means of amateur radio and through the Internet. Having a live conversation with a fellow Scout in some other place in the world gives the same excitement like having a normal Jamboree on the land minus the normal expenses. Just like the normal Jamboree, the Air-Internet Jamboree is also an event during which Scouting experiences are exchanged and ideas are shared. It’s a great and unique opportunity for Scouts of all age ranges to communicate with each other as if they are nearby when in actual fact they are all in their own countries. Indeed, Radio Scouting eliminates the distances and fosters a closer relationship of the worldwide Scouting movement.

All NSOs of the region are requested to circulate this information widely to all units in their country so that they have the opportunity to take part in this event.


ASTRA akan mengadakan program '2 Meter Net Khas' sempena 'Ulang Tahun Ke 14 ASTRA' akan diadakan bermula pukul 22:00 Hrs (2-Ogos-2011) sehingga pukul 04:30 Hrs (3-Ogos-2011).

Seramai 14 orang Pengawal Rangkaian & seorang Pengawal SMS (H/P: 013-4895631) akan mengendalikan Net tersebut:















Anda juga boleh check-in melalui SMS. Pengawal SMS adalah 9W2CSE MOHD NORHIZAM BIN KAHAR. H/P: 013-4895631.

Program '2 Meter Net Khas' ini dijangka tamat pada pukul 04:30 Hrs (3-Ogos-2011) & akan disambung pula dengan Net Sahur yg akan dikendalikan oleh 9M2YRS, ABD RASID BIN AHMAD SIDEK (Pak Yob).

Semua Rakan Amatur dijemput mengambil bahagian & penyertaan anda semua amat dialu-alukan.

Penyusunan semula program & sebarang perubahan akan dinyatakan oleh Biro Siaraya, ASTRA Pusat.. 73,

Laporan Oleh 9W2JSM (Penolong Setiausaha ASTRA Wilayah Tengah).

Belon Kota Bharu Radiosonde D22025480 menghampiri Sg Golok

Credit 9W2PRX   Belon Kota Bharu radiosonde D22025480 telah berjaya di selamatkan berhampiran tebing Sungai Golok oleh stesen 9W2GCQ pada ma...