ARISSat-1/KEDR Reception Report Certificates

When you receive the downlink signal from ARISSat-1/KEDR you are invited to send your report to the
following e-mail boxes. You will receive a PDF certificate by e-mail.

Students and school groups are especially welcome. We look forward to your report!

Your report must contain the following information:

The signal you received:

the secret word*,

an SSTV image, or,

telemetry data

Your name or group name

The date/time of reception

City, State and Country

Your e-mail address of where to send your certificate. You will receive a PDF certificate via email.

Here are the e-mail boxes to send your reports:

Secret word* contest to:

SSTV image to:

Telemetry data to: (either digital or voice report of the data you received)

Received BPSK telemetry and .CSV files should continue to be sent to:

* Those who do hear the secret word or call sign please do not put it out to the world. That would ruin the contest for those still waiting for their station to be in range.

145.950 MHz FM Downlink - Operational

FM transmissions will cycle between a voice ID as RS01S, select telemetry values, 24 international greeting messages in 15 languages and SSTV images. One of the messages will be a conversation between Yuri Gagarin and ground control.
If you successfully receive the SSTV transmissions, you are invited to upload your picture to
to the ARISS SSTV Gallery.

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