15th International EME Conference

The UK Microwave Group are hosts to the 15th International EME Conference which is to be held at Churchill College Cambridge in August 2012.

Previous EME conferences have been held in Prague, Wurzburg, Florence, Paris, amongst other cities, and most recently in Dallas where the UK Microwave group won the bid to host the 15th Conference.
EME conferences attract visitors, from all over the world, who come to meet others involved in this challenging branch of amateur radio and to exchange information on the latest techniques for design of low noise amplifiers, receivers, Software Defined Radio, antenna systems and transmitters all of which require peak performance to make Earth-Moon-Earth communications possible.
There is great synergy between this branch of amateur radio and the rapidly developing field of amateur radio astronomy so there will be a lot to interest those keen on that branch of the science of Astronomy.
For more information please visit the conference web site at  http://www.eme2012.com/  where you will find an outline description of the program.
The UK microwave group, who are organising this conference on a not for profit basis, are grateful to Waters and Stanton for their generous sponsorship and will be using this opportunity to publicise amateur radio as a valuable science based hobby.

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