Sharing from our friends in Melbourne

For those interested in the Melbourne and surrounding areas the music
being transmitted on the Mt. Macedon Rpt (147.250) late at night is
eminating form VK3ZLZ, David Rucker. This mental defective admitted 3
times to this last week on air and stated that its not illegal, as he
has read the Regulations !!! For further rants and ravings listen on
3.650 when he and VK3CWM, Mal blame the whole amateur fraternity for
all their problems. David freely admits he has been in a mental
institution and is on medication and this is plainly obvious when he
is one 3,650 some evenings with the incoherent ramblings, extremely
profane langauge, etc,etc.

Any wonder these two cop the interference on air as they are
constantly accussing other amatuers of interference, denograting the
WIA and the ACMA and every other person or org. they can think of. Any
wonder most steer clear of these two sad and pathetic excuses for
human beings.

NB: David obviously your recent touch up by the ACMA has done nothing
to correct your demenour on air, by the way you may want to read your
regs a bit more carefully before you start quoting the may
have degrees etc, but certainly not one in law !

Like many amateurs nation wide we have at some stage come under the
abuse, rantings and ravings of VK3CWM Mal in Bendigo, I have heard and
read a lot about the new entry class...Foundation, but it is my
observation that the majority of the interference eminates from senior
fullcalls like this sack of human waste. This is a fine example for the
new operators to the hobby when you have a lunatic like this individual
interrupt your QSO just to destroy your enjoyment of the hobby.

This individual has no social skills or common decency about him and
this is obvious by his conduct on air. I feel for the advancement of
the hobby and in the spirit of amateur radio that the more people that
log, record and complain to the ACMA the sooner we will be rid of this

Start with one and we can finally begin to weed out the idiots on air,
after all with enough complaints the ACMA will have to act.

I have numerous QSO's destroyed by this individual and I am sick and
tired of it, it will get to the stage if the authority wont act then
maybe the personal touch maybe in order !!!


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