JUMA TRX2 SSB-CW transceiver


JUMA TRX2 is a high dynamic range transceiver for SSB and CW, using the quadrature sampling technique for demodulation and modulation with the low noise phasing method. JUMA TRX2 includes a DDS controlled VFO for a good frequency stability and signal purity. An internal microcontroller is controlling all functions of the transceiver.

JUMA TRX2 is available as a discrete kit with components and bare circuit boards. The enclosure is machined and printed. Only few coils need to be wound when constructing JUMA TRX2. A completely assembled transceiver and other building help is also available with the help of the JUMA community.

Additionally there are two models: The two band model TRX2 for 80m and 40m ham bands and the all ham band model TRX2A with a general coverage receiver. The two band model can be upgraded any time into the all band model by adding related modules. Several add on option modules are also available for both models.

Alternate display pages

RF power indicator

SWR indicator

Supply voltage indicator

Drain current indicator

Configurable features

AGC Slow/Fast

LPF corner frequency setting

Speech Processor ON/OFF

Mic connector, input level MIC/LINE

Keyer Dot priority/Iambic-A/Iambic-B/Straight

RS232 mode TRX2/Yaesu CAT/Test functions

Display brightness/contrast

Service/calibration mode

Reference oscillator software calibration

S-meter software scaling

FWD power meter software scaling

Acknowledge tones length setting

Reload factory settings


The all band model has all ham bands, RX 100 kHz-30 MHz

The two band model frequency coverage is 2 MHz...8 MHz

Transmit modes LSB, USB, CW and tune

Output RF power 10 W

RF output, SWR, voltage and PA current displays in LCD

Built in keyer: Dot priority, Iambic A, Iambic B and straight modes

Good clickless CW keying with adaptive 'VOX' time

Three filters: Wide, Medium and Narrow with a good shape factor

The filters are user adjustable, see the diagram here.

Outstanding dynamic range and good sensitivity

Excellent AGC with slow and fast modes

Dual DDS controlled VFOs with a split TX/RX function

First-class optical VFO encoder with 480 steps per revolution

7 digit frequency display with 10Hz display resolution

Three selectable VFO tuning speeds Slow/Fast/Very Fast

VFO lock feature

RIT with it's own tuning knob

Graphical S-meter range S1...S9+40 dBm

Non volatile memory for VFOs, modes, settings and calibration


The most recent software updates will be available and users can easily upgrade the firmware without any special tools with the build in flasher utility and a PC serial cable. The control software (firmware) is written in the C programming language. Source code will be available for experimenters.

Power supply

Nominal supply voltage 13.8 VDC (range 11 VDC...15 VDC)

Nominal supply current RX0.4 A, TX 2.5 A


Width 182 mm, Height 60 mm, Depth 185 mm


1.2 kg (all band model), 1.1 kg (two band model)

sources: http://www.nikkemedia.fi/juma-trx2/


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