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ARDF Penang Open 2013 - Bulletin 2 ( Final )
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Date: June 17th, 2013
The Penang Amateur Radio Community cordially invites radio amateurs, radio orienteering enthusiasts to participate in the coming Amateur Radio Direction Finding Championship to be held in Penang Island.

The purpose is to encourage outdoor radio sport activities amongst the amateur radio communities and introduce this part of the radio orienteering sport to the younger generation.

Date : June 30th, 2013 (Sunday)
Place : Penang Island
Registration and Briefing: 8:10 am
Flag-off Time : 9:00 am
Run Time Duration : 2 hours 20 minutes
Categories : 2 Meters and 80 Meters
Run Distance : 2.5 ~ 3.0 Km
GPS Location : N5 25 32 E100 18 05


The distance walking from Hotel Waterfall to the ARDF Starting Point is approximately 680 meters away. See the map above.

Meet up location

Meet up at this locaton.

Hotel Accomodation
The Penang ARDF Community suggest that those who intend to book hotel accommodations for this event to consider "Hotel Waterfall" as it is the nearest accommodation to the ARDF event location. * ( Note: we are not affiliated to this hotel )

Hotel Waterfall
Address: 160, Jalan Utama, 10450 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: 604 - 229 5588 Fax: 604 - 227 5588

Hotel Waterfall

Category 2 Meters : ( 144 ~ 145 MHz ) , F2A
Mode: Competitive class. Competitors will hunt as individuals.
Number of fox beacons : 5 and 1 homing beacon.
Frequencies used : 5 foxes on 144.5 MHz, 1 homing beacon on 144.8 MHz
RF Power and Antenna: approx. 100 mW - horizontally polarised omni-directional turnstile.
Transmission pattern: 1 minute ON and 4 minutes OFF - At any one time, one fox will be ON.
( Similar to the international ARDF timing pattern )

Medals will be awarded for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions and prizes, based on the number of foxes found, in the shortest time, within the allocated time limit. Competitors are required to bring their own hunting equipments.

Category 80 Meters : ( 3.51 ~ 3.65 MHz ) A1A
Mode: Recreational. Much simpler status.
Number of fox beacons: 3 and 1 homing beacon ( Subject to change )
Frequencies used : foxes on 3.58 MHz, 1 homing beacon on 3.60 MHz
RF Power and Antenna: approx. 500 mW - Vertical antenna.
Transmission pattern: Continuous CW identification.

This is a new category to introduce 80 Meters ARDF to the amateur radio community, especially for beginners, family with kids. Competitors can form groups up to a maximum of 3 persons per team entry, but must hunt together at all times using only 1 set of receiving equipment.

Medals will be awarded for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions based on the number of foxes found and the shortest time, within the allocated time limit.

Competitors may rent the 80 meter ARDF receivers from the organisers on the 1st come 1st served basis, (conditions applies, contact the organisers for more information), but are encouraged to bring their own.

Participation Fees
2 Meter Competition Class.
Competition fees per participant : RM20

80 Meter Recreational Class
Competition fees per participant … Adult: RM20
Children below 16 years of age* … RM5

* Note:
Reduced rates for children below 16 years of age, due to partial sponsorship by the organisers. All children participants must be accompanied by an adult participant as part of the team.

2 Meters competitors are to arrange for their own receivers and antennas.
80 Meter competitors are to bring their own receivers, however, since this is the 1st time we are running the 80 Meter ARDF hunt, the organisers are arranging some PJ80 receivers to be rented out to those wishing to try out in the recreational class hunt. This will be on 1st come 1st basis.

Foreign Participants
Rental of Equipments
Special arrangements for loan of equipments may be made with prior arrangements with the organisers. Please contact the organisers directly.

A limited number of 80M ARDF receivers (model: PJ80) are available for rental to the participants taking part in the 80 Meter Recreational Class.

Rental price is RM 10 per unit for the duration of the event.
Although, the units comes with earphones, it is advised that you bring your own earphones with 2.5mm diameter stereo plug – similar like those used in audio walkmans, for health reasons.

- Competitors in the 2M category are to hunt as individuals.
- Usage of handphones, gps or gps aided devices and any external assistance is forbidden.
- Do not cause damages to public or intrusion to private properties.
- Locate the flags at the beacon site locations and not the beacon itself.
- Loss of your tagging card, exceeding the allocated time or casing damage to the fox equipments will result in disqualification.
- The decisions of the organisers on the results are final.
- In case of bad weather, the organisers has the right to delay the starting time or call off the event.
- Any further changes in the rules, will be announced at the starting point.

The organisers can be contacted at ...

Name : Lim Kean Chuan
Call Sign: 9M2LC
Telephone: +6 012 467 0302

Name: Neoh Choo Loa
Call Sign: 9M2CLN
Telephone: +6 016 484 5439

Name: Cheah Chuan Wooi
Call Sign: 9W2AVI
Telephone: +6 012 474 1312

Email :
Web Site

Thank you and will be looking forward to your participation in this event.
de 9M2LC - Lim Kean Chuan
on behalf of the Penang ARDF Community

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