The Six Meters Marathon 2013

OH3AG invites you to participate into the Tenth Global Six Meters Marathon. The objective of the Marathon is to work as many DXCC countries as possible between Saturday May 4th, 2013 at 00.00 UTC and Sunday August 4th, 2013 at 24.00 UTC on six meters band. You can follow this contest online at

1. The Six Meters Marathon 2013 is open to all amateur radio operators world wide.

2. The objective of the contest is to activate the use of six meters band.

3. The contesters are listed by the number of worked DXCC countries.

4. This contest will have a continuing follow-up at where stations are listed according the worked DXCC countries.

5. Time: May 4th, 2013 at 00.00 UTC - August 4th, 2013 at 24.00 UTC.

6. Classes (only single operator - no multi operator participation):
a) World (unlimited top 20)
b) Africa
c) Asia
d) Europe
e) North America
f) Oceania
g) South America
h) Finland

There will be a separate listing on our web site for each class like for Class H (Finland):
OH3SIX 47. The world class list is collected from continental lists.
7. All modes are permitted.

8. Participants are asked to update their worked countries online.
We are very grateful to Mr. Santtu Salminen at Tamrinki Ltd.
for creating this database logging
system used exclusively in this contest.

The Marathon participation procedure:
First every marathoner has to send an email to the Contest Director Hannu Saila OH3WW/OH1HS at
(Please note that the contest will be over at 4th of August 24.00 UTC. Sunday is still working time but not Monday.)

You should include your personal information and a valid reply email address to get
needed information described below.
Everyone will then get a personal username (your call sign) and a password which allow
to use the online log keeping. This information will be delivered via an email.
In this log the Marathoner can mark every new DXCC country he/she has
worked. One may not make duplicate entries.
Every log can be viewed by all other competitors.
Erroneous loggings can be deleted by the competitor.
Your updating includes following information:
date (dd/mm) + time UTC (mmhh) + worked DXCC (like OH or VE) + call + mode
Updated results will be showed online immediately at
Paper logs are not accepted. The contest governance will happen over the Internet.

9. The trophy winners will be published on August 10th, 2013 at on our web site

10. We do not accept logs in any other way than online log keeping.
If any questions rises please contact Hannu OH3WW/OH1HS or


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