What you can do to reduce RF exposure to the public

To minimize  RF exposure to the public:

1. You should radiate as little RF power as possible. The power level regulations have always required amateurs to use the least amount of transmitter power necessary to perform their  communications.

2. Make it  practice to operate without your linear amplifier whenever possible.

3. Never use an amplifier that has its shielded metal cover removed. The cover keeps RF energy from escaping into the environment.

4. Reduce the duty cycle. Keep transmissions short, especially when operating at the VHF/UHF/microwave level.

5. Transmitting antennas should be mounted as far away from residences and populated areas as possible and the higher the antenna the better.

6. Since feed lines can radiate, route open-wire line ( or even coaxial cable if the standing wave ratio is high ) away from populated areas.

7. Do not transmit when people are near a ground-mounted or mobile antenna.

Amateur Radio and RF exposure guidelines by Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH.
Riley's ramblings  July 2013 CQ page 69

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