Ready for ILLW 2011 - 9M4LHC

Menjemput rakan-rakan yang berminat untuk mengikuti aktiviti DXing. Aktiviti ILLW 2011 akan diadakan pada 20 & 21 Ogos 2011. Antara aktiviti yang dijalankan adalah : Dxing, eyeball, experimental, jamuan berbuka puasa & sembahyang sunat terawih. Rakan-rakan yang berminat bolehlah email terus kepada 9m2rdx[at] Tarikh tutup permohonan pada 30 Jun 2011.


From West Malaysia:-

We had a great weekend with my good friends starting 1st time ILLW event at Cape Rachado Lighthouse year 2008 and 
now 2010 in Tg Gelang Lighthouse MY0002. We arrived at Tg Gelang Lighthouse at 01.00 am, Saturday early morning. 
The antenna is still up , so not much of a problem fixing the station and going on air. About 5.00 am take a break for 'sahur'. 
We manage to setup the station with 2 station operating on 20m band with antenna Buddy stick, 2 el monoband & spider 
beam for the 40m bandthe antenna is dipole & G5RV only. 
The keeper of the lighthouse from Jabatan Laut wass very impressed by the thing we did and the contacts we made 
especially he saw the couple of QSL cards for the ILLW on the last year. 
In sumarry, we manage to log 57 contact on 20m band, 8 contact on 10m band & 27 contact on 40m band. 
So in total we manage to log 92 stations in this ILLW 2010. 
Many thanks especially all best friends are staying together like 9W2GUU, 9W2KRZ, 9M2SQL, 9W2TTK, 9M2RZL & 9W2WF. 
Special thanks to Jabatan Laut, TLDM Tg Gelang & PERAMAH friends like 9W2WWW, 9W2JDY and all hams friend from
Kuantan for the sapporting this activity.

We are looking forward to working ILLW again on next year.

Thanks & regards
Rizal 9M2RDX
West Malaysia

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