Amateur radio special event station SI9AM

The amateur radio special event station SI9AM, from the King Chulalongkorn Memorial in Ragunda, Sweden, the largest Thai Pavilion in the world outside Thailand, will be active between September 8-13th.
Operators will be Axel DL7ULF and Peter DL7VMM.

They plan to be an entry in the WAE DX Contest (September 10-11th).
Outside of the contest, activity will be on 160-10 meters. Suggested frequencies are:
CW - 1817, 3517, 7017, 10117, 14017, 18077, 21017, 24897 and 28017 kHz
SSB - 1840, 3760, 7060, 14210, 18160, 21310, 24960 and 28510 kHz
FM - 145.550 MHz and repeater RV49 - 145.612 MHz

QSL via SM3CVM, direct or by the Bureau.
For more information, visit the SI9AM Web page at:

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