Field Day

The fourth full weekend in June is ARRL Field Day. Radio amateurs in the United States and Canada are encouraged to set up portable stations running off emergency power to stimulate operating under extreme conditions. Field  day is not really a contest but an emergency-preparedness exercise that has a contest-like operating experience. Many of  today's big gun contesters cut their teeth at Field Day.
        Many Field Day operations are run by radio clubs; however, some may be run by one or two individuals. Fields Day can be the highlight of a club's operating events. For some clubs, Field Day is a picnic with some operating thrown in. Other clubs put up large towers with Yagi antennas and set up in a public space. Each group does it differently, with many trying to compete with others within their own operating expertise, antenna setup and placement,  power distribution, lightning portection, computer logging, CW and voice HF operating, digital modes, gastronomical delights, and other area of amateur radio
73, George, N2GA
CQ Amateur Radio
pages 106-107
June 2011

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