Some time ago, Museum Jan Corver announced that it had plans to develop an APRS modem and make it available as a DIY building kit. Arno PE1ICQ and Jeroen PE1RXQ have designed an APRS modem that can be fitted directly into the Bosch KF161 rig. The circuit is quite similar to the popular TinyTrak modem, but both the PCB and the software have been redesigned completely from scratch. The KF161-Tracker is now available as a building kit from the Museum. Any changes to the manual, enhancements, bugfixes, etc. will be made available through this page.



Installation tool for Windows users (648KB ZIP file)
The self-build kit contains a floppy disc with the software necessary to configure the KF161-Tracker. This is a Linux boot floppy that can be used in any standard Windows PC, however it is necessary to restart your machine and boot from the floppy. Dolf Spoor, PA3EGT, has created a {new configuration tool} that can be used directly from within Windows. Please note that this software doesn't work with firware version 0.8 or higher. A new version is now in preparation.

Hex file of the firmware (8KB HEX file)
This HEX file contains firmware version 0.8 for the PIC controller. The full source is available from the author's website.


This is one of the first prototypes of the KF161-Tracker. The PCB can be fitted directly in place of the 'selective tone unit' (5TVO) of the KF161. The connectors at both edges of the PCB were taken from this unit.

It's a double sided PCB, with solder mask and silk screen (white text). As we've only used standard 'through hole' components (i.e. no SMD) it can be built by virtually anyone. At the centre of the PCB is the Microchip microprocessor, a PIC16F628.


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