For my non swedish speaking ham friends:This application allows you to send your position and messages to the APRS-IS network from your Android Phone.
It will establish your position from the built in GPS (more accurate) or thru a mobile network (less accurate). You may also transmit at fixed position in case you use a tablet without GPS or mobile connection.

The application is in english, feel free to download it. This page however is only in Swedish, I will try to make a english description some time. But I think the program itself its pretty self-explanatory. Most settings are pre-configured and the only thing you have to enter is your callsign including SSID and your APRS-IS password. Test your connection by using the "Send beacon" option in the menu and watch out for any messages in the application. If no error-messages appear you could go ahead and start the service.

The "MAP"-view in the program is a embedded map from the fantastic site, created by OH7LZB, Hessu.
*APRS is a registered trademark of APRS Software and Bob Bruninga, WB4APR

Satu lagi applikasi yang boleh dimuat turun melalui android. Rakan yang mempunyai telefon pintar sisitem operasi android bolehlah menggunakan VUF- Tracker ini untuk mengaktifkan stesen anda dalam aprs.

Satu lagi pilihan kepada rakan untuk mengaktifkan aprs melalui smartbeacon apabila tiada liputan igate dan digipeater di sesuatu kawasan.

73, Jojet, 9W2DYA

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