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Saturday, July 18, 2015

ARISS SSTV July 18-19 to Commmemorate 40th Anniversary of the Apollo- Soyuz Mission

ARISS SSTV Images to Commmemorate 40th Anniversary of the Apollo-
Soyuz Mission
40 years ago this week, the historic joint Apollo-Soyuz mission was
conducted. Apollo-Soyuz (or Soyuz-Apollo in Russia) represented the
first joint USA-Soviet mission and set the stage for follow-on Russia-
USA space collaboration on the Space Shuttle, Mir Space Station and
the International Space Station. The Soyuz and Apollo vehicles were
docked from July 17-19, 1975, during which time joint experiments and
activities were accomplished with the 3 USA astronauts and 2 Soviet
Cosmonauts on-board. Apollo-Soyuz was the final mission of the
Apollo program and the last USA human spaceflight mission until the
first space shuttle mission in 1981.
To commemorate the 40th anniversary of this historic international
event, the ARISS team has developed a series of 12 Slow Scan
Television (SSTV) images that will be sent down for reception by
schools, educational organizations and ham radio operators,
worldwide. The SSTV images are planned to start sometime Saturday
morning, July 18 and run through Sunday July 19. These dates are
tentative and are subject to change. The SSTV images can be received
on 145.80 MHz and displayed using several different SSTV computer
programs that are available on the internet.
Source: ANS-195 AMSAT News Service Special Bulletin

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