After 6 months of trying to get a license for TN, we're delighted to inform you that our next DX pedition is a GO! During our previous expedition as 9Q50ON, we made a special effort to hand out a new country on the lower bands. We logged over 500 QSO's on 160, and about 1350 QSO's on 80m. This time we will improve our RX ability with the K7TJR receiving system using 4 verticals, to have a better S/N ratio and the possibility to switch in 4 directions. We can use this RX system simultaneous on two radio's!(80m and 160m)

On the higher bands the QSO impact will be much higher than the 9Q50ON operation, where we had few QSO's on 10m! Even 6m could be possible!
Most of the team members have been active on several Dxpedition adventures.
Our operating site is near the sea. This will improve our signal strength in most parts of the globe, especially on the lower bands.
Dates : Sunday January 22nd until Tuesday 31st

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