Eagle 3 Near Space Balloon Launch Announcement

EAGLE3 Near Space Balloon Launch
Olde Towne Middle School in Ridgeland, MS will be launching a balloon April 13th at approximately 9am Central Time from Olde Towne Middle School.

Missions specifics:

Date: April 13th

Time: Setup – 7am, Launch – approximately 9am Central Time

Location: Ridgeland, MS
Gas: Helium
Purpose: Carry experiments to altitudes greater than 90k feet
Equipment: GoPro Camera, 2 meter voice beacons, APRS telemetry (KC5NXD-12), another APRS tracker with slower transmission rates (KC5NXD-11) , HF Telemetry(trackable at http://spacenear.us/tracker/), possible SPOT tracker, radiation detector, and an audio alarm for location in dense woods. Over one dozen experiments will be on the flight including bacteria survival rates, radiation detection, cosmic ray capture, micro meteor capture, and many more.

Telemetry specifics: APRS tracking as standard, HF tracking will be using a HF transmitter designed and built by WB8ELK and transmitting on or approximately 14.103 – 14.104 Mhz. The telemetry will be in short bursts and can be decoded using the FLDigi High Altitude Balloon version of the software. Download the latest version of this at http://ukhas.org.uk/projects:dl-fldigi All telemetry reports would be greatly appreciated. Send all telemetry reports to otmsradio@gmail.com. Any reception QSL cards will also be greatly appreciated and mailed to the address for KC5NXD in QRZ.com. Special attention is needed to listen to the descent flight telemetry especially when in the last 30K feet. If configured right, FLDigi HAB will relay the information to the spacenear.us/tracker site.

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