The SBS-3

The SBS-3 From Kinetic Avionics
The SBS-3 follows on from the very successful SBS-1, SBS-1 Mk2, SBS-1e and SBS-1eR.
Features include:
  • Sensitive 1090MHz ADSB receiver
  • Two SDR receivers covering 27-980 mHz with 8mHz bandwidth per tuner
  • Monitor six channels simultaneously
  • Onboard decoding of ADSB,AIS,ACARS
  • Full speed 100M Ethernet interface with concurrent multiple sockets
  • USB connectivity
  • Raw Data output for Mode-S, AIS and all other demodulations such as ACARS
  • Published API for third party integration
  • Support Forum
  • You Tube support Videos
  • Compatible with Plane Plotter & Ship Plotter
All in a compact rugged unit.


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