SainSonic: AP510 (tracker)

AP510 APRS Tracker VHF with GPS/Bluetooth/Thermometer/TF Card Support APRSdroid


Developed on the basis of Automatic Packet Reporting System, SainSonic AP510 is to share APRS data integration. Built-in GPS antenna and VHF radio transceiver module to TNC codec comprehensive plan, it gives the mobile ham a place to monitor for 10 to 30 minutes in any area, at any time to capture what is happening in ham radio in the surrounding area.

When powered on, SainSonic AP510 will be decoded to work with the standard orientation and, after verification, transmit its APRS data. It’s compatible with common business APRS equipment and various Digipeater and iGATE.

Integrated Hardware: GPS module, antenna, MCU SCM (Single-Chip Micro), VHF transceiver modules, built-in lithium battery, charger IC, temperature sensor, TF card, buzzer, wireless Bluetooth module:

1.    GPS Module
UBLOX 7 GPS module, high sensitivity, fast positioning, less drifting, stable power.

2.    GPS Antenna
18mm * 18mm active GPS antenna, built-in LNA amplification, Star Search, locate quickly.

3.    AVR SCM
AVR Mega 64 SCM, stable and reliable.

4.    VHF Module (1W)
The latest 1W VHF transceiver modules, tiny one, high stability for all types of wireless data transmission.

5.    VHF Antenna
VHF antennas are individually matched to send plants to ensure that the standing wave emission and emission efficiency.

6.    3,300mAh battery
Quality lithium batteries by IMAX B6 0.6A charge and discharge. Standby 28-36 hours with the emission interval of about 20 seconds. Or it will work up to 90 hours when on the low-power mode or a wider interval.

7.    Built-in Charge Management IC (Input 5V)
Built-in lithium red power management IC, avoid battery overshoot and over-discharge, caring protect the battery. Charge current <400ma -voltage="" 3.4v="" automatic="" is="" low="" lower="" operating="" p="" protection="" shutdown.="" than="" voltage="">

8.    LED Status Display (Charging and Transceiver LCD)
Dual LED display. Red is for charging. Green is the GPS indicator: Flashing indicates that no location. If it’s on, it means successful positioning.

9.    Single Button (power switch and manual transmit)
Turn on / off - Hold the button.
Manual Transmit - After startup, short press it.

10.    18B20 Temperature Sensor (-40C ~ +99C)
IC precision at 0.0625 degree.
It delivers the temperature inside the machine in real time.
(Need to extract the temperature sensor out if to measure the outside temperature)

11.    Buzzer ( beep )
A starting-up and transmission reminder, easy to know the working status.

12.    TF Deck (to record coordinates )
The following supports 4G TF card, FAT16 or FAT32 partition format, the file name is automatically named according to the time saved in KML format.
For example: at 18:20 on December 10, 2013 to start work positioning.
File name: 12101820.KML (May Day midnight, Greenwich Mean Time)

13.    Bluetooth 2.0 Module (for Mobile Phone Connectivity )
Built-in Bluetooth 2.0 module up to 4,800 bps, -80 dBm, sniff subrating for low-energy, only 0.8mAh power-consumption goes as far as to 10 meter.


AP510 Specification
GPS Built-in GPS module and antenna
RF Module VHF Frequency Seting 1Watt
RF Antenna Handset Booster Antenna
Memory Support 4G TF card(optional)
Thermometer 18B20 Sensor
MCU SCM Mega64 Industrial
Output USB
Bluetooth Bluetooth 2.0(9600bps)
Buzzer Beeper(can be turned off)
Decoding function Decoder chip of CML Inc.
Battery Capacity 2200 mAh
Button One button of Power On/Off and TX
Interface Extension PCB 3 Analog Interface
LED Dual LED Indicator


1 x AP510 APRS Tracker
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x 2.15 dBi High Gain Antenna
1 x User Manual


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