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Thursday, August 27, 2015


To commemorate Malaysia 58th Independence Day, MCMC has approved a SPECIAL EVENT CALLSIGN as follows.
In the spirit of amateur radio, some of the local club/society/community has offered to host and operate a Special Event Station on 30th August 2015 until 1st September 2015. If you wish to operate a Special Event Station and be a Regional Coordinator, please have a communication with me for further coordination.
In the interest of providing the widest possible coverage please do not run QRP as unless that is the limit of your station capability. QRP stations are entirely welcome, and desired. But restricting your coverage by reducing output power is counter to the goal of the event. We want to give everyone the best possible chance of hearing and contacting as many operators as possible.
Kindly produce your unique QSL Cards and shall be directed to your respective QSL Manager. DO NOT SEND TO MARTS QSL BUREAU. Don't forget to register your callsign in QRZ.COM.

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