Penang ARDF Fun Hunt - August 21st, 2011

Hi Fellow Hunters …
After the last training hunt held on July 31st, there were requests for another hunt to keep the momentum running. Furthermore, I did not have the chance to practice on the 2M mode since was concentrating on the 80M on that outing. This time, I hope to have two 2M beacons running alternatively on the same frequency - 1 min ON and 1 min OFF cycle.
An added twist will be, when the 1st beacon is activated, it will remain activated for 30 minutes before shutting down, and the fox setter will dismantle the equipment and move to another spot. During that duration, the 2nd beacon will take over for an active time of 30 minutes, before shutting down and move to another location.
The hunters will communicate on simplex a frequency, to share information on detecting and homing in on the elusive beacons. This practical session will train our hunters to work as a close knit team to quickly locate the 2 beacons.
Venue: Botanical Gardens, Quarry or MPPP Park, Penang
Date: Sunday morning - August 21st, 2011
Time: 9:30 am
Participation Fees: - Free -
Meeting place: Hunters to meet at the car park near Craft Batik.
73 de Musang

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