9M2SE Pangkor Island AS-072

9M2SE Pangkor Island AS-072 

Piju 9M2PJU informs DxCoffee Readers:
“Hello gentlemen,
there is update on 9M2SE IOTA AS-072 activation. here are the latest list of participated operators,
Piju 9M2PJU, Rosli 9M2RHQ, Mat Meran 9W2VVN, Ikmal 9W2EDU, Kopok 9W2JDY, Zamri 9W2NMX and Prof Noh 9W2MNW
Activation time changed, 8 nov 2014 (0000UTC) – 9 nov 2014 (0000UTC)
We will staying at Pangkor Bayview Beach Resort.This is 9M2SE last dxpedition and iota activation. After this activity, 9M2SE will be dissolved.
Thanks to all supporters and contributors around the world.”
Piju 9M2PJU
25 October 2014
Official logo for this DXpedition
24 October 2014
Piju 9M2PJU informs DxCoffee readers:
“Hello and good day gentlemen.
I would like to announce about 9M2SE Malaysian Special Expedition Team Island On The Air (IOTA) AS-072 ACTIVATION and DXPEDITION on 7,8 and 9 November 2014.
We will operating on SSB and CW modes from 10 to 40 meters starting 7 November 2014 0800 UTC till 9 November 0100 UTC.
Our operators are Piju 9M2PJU, Rizal 9M2RDX, Khairul 9M2KRZ, Wak Mit 9M2TPT,
Rosli 9M2RHQ, Zamri 9W2NMX, Ikmal 9W2EDU, Mat Meran 9W2VVN, Weerut 9W2RUT, Kopok 9W2JDY, and Izat 9W2RI.
Our working condition are 2 unit of 100 watts transceivers, 2 ele 3 bands yagi (10m, 15m and 20m), EFHW vertical (10m to 40m) and G5RV junior (10m to 40m).
Please support our activity. We are promoting our country, heritage, culture, beautiful islands and beaches to the world. Malaysia has many beautiful beaches and islands, lots of city excitement, nature and adventure, also cultural attractions. It is time to explore Malaysia. Spread the words.”
Malaysia: Truly Asia.
73 de 9M2PJU

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